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About us
Here at Reena group of companies, quality products paired with outstanding customer service are at the core of our company culture. We able to match the unique requirements of your project with a specific concrete mix design from our database. All work connected to manufacturing of Reena Ready mix is done with high degree of Precision. Comprehensive mix design relevant coarse and fine agrregate Cement and add mixture is administrated by export concret technologists. Water cement ratio is maintained in tact to ensure strength and work ability. The operation of Transit Mixture and placing of concrete by Pump are professionly handled with sufficent expertise.
The company undertake contract works of water authorities of Goa, Karnataka, Pondychery and Kerala. Presently a lion part of vital contracts of Kerala Water Authority is in our hands. Our company achieved many awards from the Department and Ministry for completing projects successfully, perfectly and prior to time limit.
We are permanent residents of Ayyankunnu Panchayat hailed from Koottanal family born and brought up in charal which falls in ward No: II of Ayyankunnu Panchayath. We owns and operate few numbers of bussiness ventures under the name and style of Reena Group. The ramification and dream realization of the group companies are under the charismatic hands of Mr. K.C. James. Reena Group Consists of the following units are: -
Reena Engineers & Contractors Pvt Ltd, Reena Ready Mix and Concrete, Reena Metals, Everest Stone Crusher and Granites, Reena Bitumen Hot Mix Plant, Reena Cement Pipes & Cement Products

Our Vision
To seek to expand efforts in order to continually perform above customer's expectations and build trust. Reena Group will endeavor to become the benchmark for the industry through the consistent delivery of standardized quality of construction production. Driven by obsession for reliability, excellent service and quality. Reena Group will aspire to achieve the goal of high standard construction materials and excellence services with higher values every year.
Our Mission
Quality hands, timely delivery with maximum efficiency which suits customer satisfaction.