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1 - Reena Engineers & Contractors Pvt Ltd:
Reena Engineers & Contractors Pvt Ltd. registered under Indian Companies Act 1956, came into existence in the year 2004 having regd office at No. 24: Pattao Plaza, Panaji, Goa. Founder and Managing Director of the company is Mr. K.C. James. The company is engaged in under taking and executing ‘A’ class Government contract works in KWA and PWD equipped with a fleet of vehicles like Excavators, Road Rollers, Cranes and Tippers.
The company have undertaken projects in different districts in the state of Kerala like Kannur, Kasargod, Wayanad, Malapuram, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram etc. namely supply and laying of distribution pipes, construction of reservoir, RCC bridge, well cum pump house, water treatment plant, and construction of weirs over river.
A number of KWA (Kerala Water Authority) projects were successfully carried out by Reena Engineers and Contractors in the past three years.

2 - Reena Metals:
Reena metals was established on 19th April 2007, under the partnership of K.C James, K.C Jimmy and K.C Thomas. The unit is totally promoted by Koottanal Family for manufacturing granite based building materials situated at Vaniyapparathettu in Ayyankunnu Panchayat with an installed capacity of 1500 tons of crushed metals per day. The unit is considered to be the biggest of its kind in Northern Kerala with an initial investment of 15 Crores. The unit is equipped with Excavators, Breakers, Compressors, Cranes and power generator sets of various designs of Caterpillar make. Company manufacture different size of granites in a cone crusher unit with pure black stone enriched in it’s widespread land. This firm is commenced during Nov 2012 and average yearly turn over is 14 Crores at present.

3 - Everest Stone Crusher and Granites :
Apart from ibid solemnly owned company, this partnership firm promoted by Reena Engineers and Koottanal family together hold 75% share. ESCG is promoted by a partnership firm consisting of 5 partners, i.e K.C James as Managing Director of Reena Engineers, K.C Jimmy, K.C Thomas, K.P Ebrahim Haji, and T.M.V Shareefa. It was started with an initial capital of 609 lakh.
It is situated at Chembery in Thaliparamba Thaluk, in an area of 33.24 Acres of land. Required raw materials ie., granite boulders are available in abundance in the site. Initial capital raised was around 6 crore. The total investment in plant and machinery was Rs. 125.00 lakh. All the machines were locally procured. Capacity of the unit is as similar to Reena Metals and all equipments thereto are equal. Managing Partner of the firm is Mr. K.C. James. It was commissioned during Apr 2013 and average yearly turn over is 3.46 Crores at present.
Manufacturing of fine aggregates:The river sand was the cheapest natural resources widely used in the construction field. However due to the dense population and rapid development, populace tent to extract massive quantity of sand from river bed to meet their increasing demand. This tendency leads to scarcity, dearness and ecological imbalance as well. Now the sand available in the riverbed is very contaminated and contains very high percentage of silt and clay. The silt and the clay presence in the sand reduce the strength of the concrete and holds dampness. Sand merchants could not fulfill the requirement of river sand to the construction field and thus they explore the viability for adulteration of saline sea sand. It raised serious concern among builders.
Aforesaid instances warranted for production of Manufactured Sand to meet the requirement of construction industry. It has many advantages compared to the river sand. As it’s molecules are cubical shape and thus induce surface force among them and it makes more compressive strength in concrete. Also, it forms brick like bedding while using vibrators promising cohesive force. It is pure intrinsic and contains no foreign elements. Corrosive elements like salt, phosphorus and chloride are not ingredient in the instant material. Whereas, the natural river sand is the product of sedimentation like mica, coal, fossils, limequick and other organic and inorganic impurities are present. Thus it reduces compressive strength. In the present scenario it is felt Manufactured Sand industry has a bright future.
The fine aggregates are manufactured as per IS, BS, ASTM Standards. The superior shape, proper gradation of fines, smooth surface texture and consistency in production parameter of chemically stable sands provide greater durability and higher strength to concrete by overcoming the deficiencies like segregation, bleeding, honey combing, voids and capillary. Manufactured sand has the cubical shape with grounded edge and superior gradation gives good plasticity to mortar providing excellent workability.

4 - Reena Rock Sand :
Reena Rock Sand is located at Reena Industrial Estate, Velliyamparamba, Chalode, Kannur. The unit is constituted as a private limited company. Started with an initial capital of 3.4 crore.
This unit manufactures sand from granite rocks in a special designed wire mesh of VSI by double washing in pure water without silt or slag. It produce two types of sand one for concrete as little coarse as per it’s specification and another is more smoother for plastering. The sand is named as “Reena Rock Sand” and it caught popularity among the builders in this region and northern Karnataka region within a short span. The rock is pure black in colour and as per prescribed specification as tested in Govt Polytechnic Lab. This sand is approved by Govt Engineers for various Govt works as KWA, PWD and Sports Ministry and company regularly supplying the sand to them.

5 - Reena Aggregate Sand :
The unit is located at Vaniyaparathat, Iritty. This is similar as “Reena Rock Sand” and manufactured from black granite rocks.
Manufacturing of Batch Mix Concrete: Kerala is a state where highly educated, professional and skilled youths inhabited and thus unskilled labour work is done depend upon the influx of populace from other states. Scarcity of the labours lead to transform into mechanized in every walk of life as construction, agriculture and even domestic at par with other industry. Manufacturing of batch mix concrete is also necessitated due to accuracy in mixing of ingredient materials in proper ratio as deemed fit. It also meet the builders aspiration to sophisticated western model of construction and theory.

6 - Reena Ready Mix Concrete Plant:
It is located in Reena Industrial Estate, Velliyamparamba, Chalode and produce various grades of Ready Mix Concrete for construction as per demand of customers. Company have vast infrastructure facilities to under take a work successfully. The plant situated in ten acres of land in the heart of Industrial Area of Mattanur which was commissioned during Mar 2013. It has two batching plants of German technology with four storage silos of 100 ton capacity for adequate and different type of cement storage facility. The plant is established by Schwing Stetter (India) Pvt Ltd, a prominent world wide company which offer accurate and standard class products and have the batch mixing capacity of 60 cubic meter per hour. A large fleet of nine Schwing Stetter make transit mixer units mounted on trucks of different capacities are available for transporting readymix concrete to maintain uninterrupted supply line. It have one Schwing Stetter make Concrete Boom Pump and two stationary compressor Pumps which can undertake pumping and laying of concrete at an altitude of 100 mtrs and 300 mtrs length.
Material pre-analysis and post quality assurance are being made by our in-house laboratory, manned by qualified and experienced technical staff for quality control. It is also equipped with sophisticated mechanical workshop for regular maintenance of plant. Concrete mixes of various grades are designed in laboratory as per established procedures. The quality assurance system and procedures implemented by the company, monitors every stage of the entire manufacturing process. The company also systematically monitor right from the processing of orders, purchase/control of materials and formation of concrete mix design to production, sales, delivery and placing of concrete.
We conduct seven days and twenty eight days cube test and analysis compressive strength as per IS Standard and we offer its report to the customers. We also offer sample cubes to the customers for external laboratory testing at their will. Turnover of the company at present is 8.5 crores.

7 - Reena Enterprises:
It is a wholesale building materials shop situated at Ulikkal Road, Iritty and materials like cement, steel, iron pipes, metallic sheets are sold here. Reena Enterprises have a large godown facility and comfortable vehicular movement place who is a promising taker in this field. It is established in Oct 2014 and present turn over is 4.96 crores. The company assured sale of branded materials and occurred dealership of the following reputed brands :-
Ultratech Cement, Chettinad Cement, Kairali TMT Steel, Prince TMT Steel, Shirdhi TMT Steel, Amba Sakthi TMT Steel, TATA Roofing Sheets, Everlast Roofing Sheets, Jindal Roofing Sheets, Bushan Roofing Sheets, Axel Roofing Sheets
Trading of Fuels and Lubricants: Reena Group clubbed with different industry and commercial hubs have large fleet of vehicles their own and necessitated provision of fuels and lubricants themselves alongwith local customers and thus looked for the dealership of an oil company.

8 - Reena Fuels :
Petrol Pump of IOC Trade is located at Charal, a hill township of rural Iritty. This area is inhabitants of rubber planters and agriculture society and each family have a domestic vehicle apart from a number of industry like crushers where many commercial vehicles are plying. The Petrol pump cater fuel requirement of all these vehicles apart from large fleet of Reena Group. It has also undertaken sale of oil and lubricants in addition to Diesel and Petrol. The Petrol Pump possess it’s own petrol tankers for refilling from IOC Depot. The turn over of the company is 13.96 Crores.

9 -Reena Pre Cast Cement Pipes & Cement Products :
A new plant proposed to be started at Reena Industrial Estate, Velliamparamba, Chalode. This unit is planned to manufacture RCC Cement pipes, Electric Posts, RCC Ready Made slabs and pillars, Cement Blocks. This is a dream project to be established in the near future.

10 Reena Asphalt Batch Mix Plant :
One more new plant proposed to be established at Reena Industrial Estate, Velliamparamba, Chalode. This unit is planned to manufacture multi grade bitumen mixing for road works.

11- Reena Hollow Bricks :

12- Reena Tyre Inustries :